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FHA loan

FHA Loans are a great way to save money on your home purchase or refinance. Because these loans are insured through the federal government, FHA mortgages are easier to qualify for than conventional home loans.

The biggest benefit of an FHA loan is the ability to put a smaller amount of money down. Buyers using this financing can put as little as 3.5% down towards their home purchase. FHA loans now carry a 1.75% FHA funding fee that may be rolled into the loan. FHA borrowers are charged monthly mortgage insurance in addition to the up front fee. FHA loans come with very competitive interest rates and are not as strict with their credit score requirements as conventional loans are. This means lower rates for a broader range of borrowers!

FHA Approved Lender

Flat Branch Home Loans is a Full Eagle FHA lender servicing the entire state of Missouri and Kansas. Our status with HUD allows Flat Branch to underwrite FHA mortgages on behalf of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This means that your FHA loan will all be processed and underwritten in Missouri by the friendly Flat Branch Home Loan staff. Flat Branch makes FHA mortgages easy while saving you money.

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